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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders Topples Trump To Become The New King Of Google

There is one presidential candidate who had Americans turning to Google every time he spoke. Bernie Sanders has toppled Trump as the most Googled candidate.
According to The Washington Post:
For the non-Hillary Rodham Clinton, non-Bernie Sanders Democrats participating in the first debate on Tuesday night, there was one goal: Get noticed. A look at the candidates being searched on Google during the debate shows that one candidate managed to do that.
Bernie Sanders.
Sanders repeatedly saw spikes in Google interest after he spoke. After his intro. After he talked about guns. After basically everything else he said.
What’s more, Sanders actually overpowered the long-term king of Google, Donald Trump. During the debate, Sanders continually attracted more Google interest than Trump.

It makes sense that viewers wouldn’t Google Hillary Clinton. Her name recognition is near 100% nationally. Everyone knows former Sec. Clinton. Much of the country did not know Bernie Sanders. Unless one reads politics online or watches cable news, the odds are Sen. Sanders was a new face for many viewers.
The fact that Sanders was the most googled candidate illustrates that for many Americans he is a political outsider, and his message had people running to find out more about him.
Trump loves to brag about his popularity, but it is a safe bet that he won’t have anything to say about the candidate who he recently described as a communist being more popular than he is.
Sen. Sanders isn’t a blip on the election year radar. He is a powerful populist force who is making millions of Americans take notice of the inequality around them.

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