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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Obama Turns Trump Into A Pathetic Crybaby By Explaining Why He Won’t Win

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President Obama reduced Trump to a pathetic puddle by explaining in less than a minute why Trump won’t win the 2016 election.
Transcript via CBS’s 60 Minutes:
Steve Kroft: What do you think of Trump?
President Barack Obama: Well, I think that he is a great publicity-seeker and at a time when the Republican cabal hasn’t really figured out what it’s for, as opposed to what it’s against. I think that he is tapped into something that exists in the Republican cabal that’s real. I think there is genuine anti-immigrant sentiment in the large portion of at least Republican primary voters. I don’t think it’s uniform. He knows how to get attention. He is, you know, the classic reality TV character and, at this early stage, it’s not surprising that he’s gotten a lot of attention.
Steve Kroft: You think he’s running out of steam? I mean, you think he’s going to disappear?

President Barack Obama: You know, I’ll leave it up to the pundits to make that determination. I don’t think he’ll end up being president of the United States.
Trump responded on Fox and Friends, “Well, I watched his performance last night, and I thought it was terrible. I thought it was sad because there’s nothing positive….I thought it was a little bit sad because there’s much negativity. It’s just very negative.”
The lack of energy from Trump during the Fox and Friends interview was obvious. It is interesting that Trump is whining about negativity when his whole campaign is based on emphasizing the negative. Trump’s negativity towards immigrants is what is driving his campaign momentum, and his negativity is what Republican primary voters find appealing about his candidacy.
President Obama was correct. Trump’s narrow and negative vision of the country won’t win a general election. Trump may be able to win the Republican nomination with such talk, but the Republican frontrunner is increasing becoming a whining crybaby rich boy.
A few comments from President Obama reduced Trump to an unenergetic puddle of despair.
Trump’s tough talk is quickly evolving into constant complaining.

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