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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The NRA’s Desperation Grows As Obama Is Winning the PR War on Gun Laws

President Obama is talking about why we need gun safety measures and reasonable, responsible gun laws on a daily basis lately. People are listening …
With a nation reeling from grief and daily tragedy brought on by ridiculously irresponsible and changing gun safety regulations across the country, people are clamoring for change. President Obama is talking about why we need gun safety measures and reasonable, responsible gun laws on a daily basis lately. People are listening.
The NRA can’t afford to allow people and certainly not our representatives to even have that discussion. So they’re doubling down on the lies about the boogeyman Obama coming for everyone’s guns.
To wit:
Yes, Obama really does want to confiscate legally owned firearms… https://www.nraila.org/articles/20151009/president-obama-shows-his-true-gun-control-agenda #2A

A taste of the pathetic and desperate lies the NRA Institute for Legislative Action is peddling:
Clearly, the president is infuriated with Congress and the American people for failing to adopt his gun control agenda, but what is he actually promoting by way of solutions? His recent speeches have been long on vitriol, but short on specifics.

What Obama is really proposing, despite some platitudes to the contrary, is the end of private firearm ownership for self-defense – which is essentially what happened in Australia and the U.K.
Vitriol? Obama is vitriolic? This can only work on someone who doesn’t listen to his speeches or is already biased beyond help. The President might be a lot of things, but vitriolic is not one of them. Not even once has he actually come across that way, even when it was justified.
They are actually claiming Obama is calling for an end to private firearm ownership. LOL.
Of course, that claim bears no relationship to the truth. Here’s a list of the actions the President has called for. Wouldn’t such intentions have been clear in his executive actions? Instead, we have things that any reasonable person who is not a felon wanting a gun would agree to. They do not infringe on responsible gun owners (I am a gun owner, FYI).
Things like:
Closing a Loophole to Keep Some of the Most Dangerous Guns Out of the Wrong Hands
Keeping Surplus Military Weapons Off Our Streets
Yeah, almost an end to private gun ownership! But not. But just in case anyone is trembling in fear that mean old President Obama is going to knock on their door and demand their gun, here’s his entire plan for keeping our communities safer by reducing gun violence.
It’s not just mass shootings, either. Every day there are murders in our country via guns. Everytown found that background check laws make women safer, “Controlling for population, there are 46 percent fewer intimate partner gun homicides of women in states that require background checks for private handgun sales than in states that do not.”
If a party were really “pro-life” they’d certainly be for background check laws in order to protect women, since an average of three women per day are murdered in this country by an intimate or ex intimate partner.
What about law enforcement? They are put into the line of fire by these irresponsible laws as well. Everytown reports, “The NRA has fought to prevent Congress from providing any funding for research on gun violence; it has blocked law enforcement from being able to share analyses of crime gun trace data; and it has tried to pass laws prohibiting doctors and military leaders from talking to patients and service members about responsible gun ownership and suicide prevention.”
What to do when there are two school shootings on a single day and gun violence is clearly out of control, but you represent the manufacturers of guns? Double down on fear-mongering. Anything to troll the dialogue so that citizens can’t have a real conversation about the need for reasonable gun control measures – a thing that most NRA members actually also want. FYI.
But of course, the NRA doesn’t actually represent its members anymore.

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