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Monday, November 16, 2015

Editorial Comment

The terrorist attacks in Paris have sparked an immediate delusional hate-fest from the lunatic fringe.

The hate, xenophobia, war mongering, bigotry, being spewed by wingnuts is disgusting.

And the wingnuts' standard modus operandi of projecting their own foibles onto everyone else is also on full display with the wingnuts 'denouncing' anyone who dares to focus on the victims with any form of empathy or sympathy and not aggrandizing themselves by belittling the victims to perpetuate their self-delusion like the wingnuts are doing.

The wingnuts  (AKA: Republicans) ARE most definitely the GREATEST threat to the world and their reaction(s) to the actions of their ideological brothers who perpetuated the attacks in Paris provides even further proof of that point.
Je Suis Paris!

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