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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wingnuts Revolt And Say RNC Chairwimp Reince Priebus Needs To Go

Reince-Priebus-MTPWingnut hate talk radio show hack Mark Levin is calling for Republican National Coven Chairwimp (RNC) Reince Priebus’ ouster, after the CNBC debate fiasco on Wednesday evening. Levin, a wingnut hate radio hack, who trolled as Attorney General Meese’s Chief of Staff during the Reagan junta, lashed out at Priebus’ leadership on his Thursday radio show.
Levin railed:
The head of the RNC needs to go!…
I say Reince Priebus should be fired over there at the Republican National Coven…
That guy is an incompetent. He’s a boob! He’s another one whose tongue is tied all the time. And when he does talk, he talks in superficial gibberish.
In addition, he opined:
The Republican National Coven has thrown the Republican pretender candidates under the bus. RNC Chairmanwimp Reince Priebus has allowed the media to distort and undermine the entire debate process so far. The highlight of the CNBC debate was most of the candidates joining together to face a common enemy: the media and ideologue moderators. TV networks only care about ratings, not the debate process, which is why they should have no control over the process. The individual campaigns need to get together and have Lincoln-Douglass style debates rather than be at the mercy of agenda-driven moderators acting as journalists. Priebus is responsible for the current disaster that is the Republican debate process and should resign.
Levin also praised Cruz effusively throughout his show. Levin’s comments may not pressure Priebus to step down, but as influential as hate talk radio is with Republican primary voters, Priebus has reason to be concerned about his future as party chairwimp.
The lunatic fringe wingnut rebellion in the Republican cabal has already pushed Boehner from his leadership position. The outrage brigade shows no sign of slowing down as they seek the next Republican head to roll in their purge of cabal officials who do not meet their political demands.
What is truly comical is that Levin and other Republican cabal whiners are complaining about “liberal bias” in a debate that was co-sponsored by the RNC and CNBC, a network that caters to wealthy investors. Furthermore, CNBC included on their debate panel Rick Santelli, whose 2009 on-air rant arguably spawned the modern teabagger delusion. The argument that Santelli is part of a liberal effort to discredit Republican cabal candidates is laughable, but Republicans have so deeply internalized the notion that they are victims, that facts no longer matter.
Few wingnuts embody the victim mentality more thoroughly than Levin. Yet his whiny diatribes command a significant following among the aggrieved wingnuts that make up the core base of the Republican cabal. Irate conservatives toppled Boehner for being insufficiently radical, and they could certainly generate enough momentum to overthrow Priebus as well, if they set their mind to it. Levin has fired a salvo at Priebus. Reince’s days as RNC Chairwimp may be numbered.

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