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Monday, December 7, 2015

Things we learned from the Republicans in November

  • The Egyptian pyramids were built by the biblical Joseph for storing grain. (Carson)
  • Let's single out and database all American citizens who practice Islam in case we need to round them up.  Oh, and spy on the mosques, except the ones we decide to close outright. (Trump and Trump)
  • Mortar board and diploma
  • Texans should have a vote on seceding from the United States. (Texas Republican cabal committee member Tanya Robertson)
  • America's founding fathers had no political experience. (Carson again)
  • Gay marriage will bring about the next financial collapse. (Robertson)
  • Obama should be stripped of his salary and also his food. (Huckabee)
  • We need a federal department of judeo-christian values (Kasich)
  • Thousands of New Jersey Muslims cheered as the World Trade Center towers fell on 9/11/01 (Trump again
  • Promiscuity is okey-dokey for my family, but not for thine. (Palin)
  • Thomas Jefferson crafted the U.S. Constitution. (Carson again)
  • Only Syrian refugees who can prove they're 'christian' should be allowed into the U.S. as refugees. (Jeb
  • Russia is the greatest country on the planet. (Savage)
  • Dog’s rulings are more legally binding than the Supreme Court’s rulings. (Rubio)

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