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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fox News Outraged That Obama’s Acting Like An Uppity Negro By Eating At A Nice Restaurant

From the "An Oldie But A Goodie" Department:
Oh Lawd, Obama’s acting like an uppity negro again and the right wing media is having none of that. Muti-millionaire Fox hack Neil Cavuto reported the world breaking news that President Obama and the First Lady had dinner at a pricey restaurant in Hawaii during the holiday season.
IKR? Who eats at a nice restaurant during the holidays? (hangs head in shame), This comes from the same network that spent over a week shaming the President just after he was first sworn into office — for having the sheer audacity to put mustard on his hamburger.

Cavuto spent several minutes suggesting that it was somehow unseemly for the President of the United States (also, he’s black) and his wife to enjoy an evening out where they might mix socially with their superiors.
Newscorp reports:
There was an effort to spin the story as a derogatory example of the President appearing out-of-touch or insensitive to the plight of less fortunate Americans who cannot afford such extravagances. But since there was never a similar disdain for white Republicans who commonly patronize exclusive clubs (even those that prohibit blacks and jews), the criticism rings hollow. What’s left is a transparent implication that the Obamas ought to stick to places that are more fitting for their class. You get the distinct impression that Cavuto and company believe that Burger King or KFC would be a more appropriate eatery for the First Family.
It wasn’t just Fox News that noticed the Obamas stepping out. Wing Nut Daily, Breitbart Spews, and the Daily Hollar were among the other wingnut rags that were offended by this choice of gourmet feasting. And of course, it was also featured it on the Fox Nation website. Even more “mainstream” outlets like The Hill and Mediaite ran with it. But the hypocrisy only validates the widely circulated meme about Fox News as being Rich people paying rich people to tell middle-class people to blame poor people. Why the President and his family cannot enjoy an evening of fine food and drink is never explained. When will the Obamas learn their place? Sit at the back of the bus, yo.

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