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Sunday, August 16, 2015

President Obama Basically Just Called Republicans Idiots In Latest NPR Interview

During a recent interview with NPR, President Obama discussed the Iran deal and what he thinks of his Republican opposition to what’s been proposed.Obama basically just lays all his thoughts out on the table, saying:
The notion that somehow we are going to be safer by rejecting a deal that prevents Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and instead leave — leaves Iran the option of installing more and more advanced centrifuges, shrinking their breakout time, that that somehow is going to make our neighbors more secure, I think is kind of a — well, it doesn’t make any sense.
I think what is much more likely is if we reject this deal and Iran’s pursuing breakout times that are shrinking because they’re installing more and more advanced centrifuges and stockpiling more and more highly enriched uranium is that some of those neighbors who feel threatened by Iran start thinking maybe they should be pursuing their own nuclear program. And that’s exactly the kinds of scenarios that we need to prevent.
Basically saying, rejecting this deal may lead to a future nuclear war. Embracing this deal, and understanding what it actually is, is what will lead to a more peaceful region.
Obama then spoke of his critics who reject the deal, and may be doing so purely based on ideology rather that facts supported by evidence.
The president said:
Some of them, who announced their opposition before they’d even read the bill or read the agreement, and that is that they will put forward arguments that, you know, after a few minutes, can be shown as illogical or based on the wrong facts, and then you ask them, ‘All right, what’s your alternative?’ and there’s a deafening silence.
And what that tells me is that there may be ideological opposition to doing any business with Iran.
Essentially saying, they’re opposing this deal based on feelings of contempt against Iran, and not based on any factual evidence, and with no alternative — basically calling the Republicans in opposition stupid and lazy. They just want to hate the deal to hate it, and are too stupid to read the deal, find out why they hate it, and write up their own plan.
These Republicans are basically the Internet trolls of the Legislative Branch of United States government. They have nothing to substantiate their claims, and when you call them out on their bullshit, they’ve got nothing but knee-jerk reactions and hissy fits with no basis in reality.
The president is far too classy to call Republicans idiots, so it was my pleasure to translate.

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