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Monday, September 14, 2015

10 Stories We’ll Probably See on the New Fox-Owned National Geographic

outraged sloth
  1. 12 Monkeys That Are Still Around Even Though Humans Supposedly Evolved from Monkeys
  2. These Gorgeous Photos of Glaciers in Alaska Prove Once and for All That Global Warming Is a Hoax
  3. Killer Bees: Crossing Our Borders and Stealing Jobs from American Bees?
  4. 26 Species That Went Extinct After Obamacare Became Law
  5. Are Spiders Muslim?
  6. Donald Trump Shares His Thoughts on the Sagebrush Grouse: “Just the Greatest Bird. It’s Tremendous.”
  7. Are Local Schools Pushing the Homosexual Whale Agenda on Your Children?
  8. What the Mating Habits of the Blue-Ringed Octopus Can Tell Us About Lowering Capital Gains Tax Rates
  9. The Racist Roots of the #SumatranTigerLivesMatter Movement
  10. Science: Is It Overrated?

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