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Monday, September 14, 2015

Media Bias Confirmed As Analysis Shows Trump Gets 4 Times More Attention Than Bernie Sanders

sanders-trumpThe media has its own 2016 agenda that involves giving Trump more attention than any other candidate an analysis by Nate Silver revealed that Trump received nearly four times more press coverage than Bernie Sanders.
According to Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight, “Sanders hasn’t been ignored by the press, which wants a horse race between Sanders (or Biden, or anyone!!!) and Clinton. Still, Sanders’s media coverage has been paltry compared with Trump’s. According to Yahoo News, Trump has received about 35,000 media “hits” in the past month, compared with about 9,000 for Sanders. For comparison, Clinton has had 18,000 hits over the same period, and Jeb has had 14,000.”
Trump got nearly twice as much coverage of Clinton, and it is a safe bet that the media stories were overwhelmingly negative and focused on her emails. The point of Silver’s piece was that the media needs to stop comparing Trump and Bernie Sanders because there is no comparison between the two.
Senator Sanders is a legitimate candidate who has real positions on the issues while Trump is a media driven hype machine whose agenda comes down to non-white people are bad, and the fact that Trump is both white and rich, so he is great. The reason why Republicans are eating up Trump’s schtick is because they think America is not great under President Obama, and they believe that if they vote for somebody who says their great, America will be great again, which will mean that by extension, they also will be great.
The media saw the ratings that Trump drew for the Fox News debate and assumed that Trump equals hits and ratings, so the coverage became all Trump all of the time. The reality is that Fox News drew a huge rating because the novelty of Trump’s first pretender debate combined with the fact that the debate was on the in-house Republican network of Fox News equaled a can’t lose combination.
It isn’t your imagination. Bernie Sanders is accomplishing something incredible that is being largely uncovered by the media. The media has two obsessions. They are obsessed with Trump and Hillary Clinton’s emails. Both are empty pursuits that are leading to voters being under-informed while the real issues facing this country are ignored.

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