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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Republican Lie Goes Down In Flames: Iran Won’t Be Self-Inspecting Nuclear Sites

obama iran press conference
Another Republican falsehood has been blown to pieces as it has been confirmed that Iran will not be self-inspecting their sensitive nuclear sites.
Here is what Boehner said on the House floor on Friday:
Was this agreement built on verification?
No. It appears a side deal will trust Iran to self-inspect a key site where the regime conducted tests on nuclear detonators. Of course we haven’t seen that actual side deal, and we don’t know if there are any other secret components.
Boehner was not telling the truth.
Reuters reported:
United Nations inspectors will be present with Iranian technicians as they take samples from a key military site, two Western diplomats said, undercutting an objection by U.S. Republicans to the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

The diplomats were familiar with details of a confidential arrangement between Iran and the U.N. nuclear watchdog for inspections at the Parchin site, where some countries suspect nuclear weapons-related tests may have taken place.

Iran has denied that allegation, but agreed to accept comprehensive International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections of its suspect sites as part of the historic July deal in exchange for an easing of international sanctions.
The Iran government will not be self-inspecting, but this didn’t stop House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) from repeating the lie, “It relies on secret side deals that the American people’s representatives were not allowed to see. Inspections will no longer happen “anytime, anywhere.” Instead, Iran can delay and will reportedly self-inspect its own nuclear sites. Iranian officials have also declared military locations off-limits.”
The lie is dead, but Republicans are working day and night to revive it. Without a bogus reason to oppose the deal, House Republicans would be forced to admit the real source of their opposition. The truth is that Republicans favor military intervention.
Republicans are under the false impression that they will be able to win elections with their pro-war stance. This is it is vitally important for Democrats to send this Republican lie home to die.
President Obama won the vote, but the battle for peace has just begun.

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