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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

One Statistic Reveals Why The Rest Of Us Think Republicans Are Crazy

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A new CNN/ORC poll summed up why many non-Republicans think that the Republican cabal has gone insane. Close to half of all Republicans, and 54% percent of Trump supporters still believe that President Obama is a muslim.
Among all adults, 39% say they believe Obama is a protestant or other christian, 4% think he’s catholic, 2% mormon, 1% jewish and 1% something else. Another 11% say he’s not religious, and 14% that they just don’t know. There’s a wide education gap here, with most college grads believing Obama is a protestant (63%) compared with just 28% of those who do not have college degrees.

The partisan divide is nearly as large, with 61% of Democrats saying Obama is a protestant, vs. 32% of independents and 28% of Republicans. But the 43% of Republicans and 54% of Trump supporters who say they believe Obama is a muslim is a smaller share than in other recent polling which asked only whether Obama is a christian or a muslim.
When the argument from the pollster is, “Republicans aren’t quite as crazy as we first thought,” things are bad.
It has been seven years, and almost half of the Republican cabal still refuses to believe that President Obama is a christian. The Republican answer to this question is why most Americans who aren’t Republicans think the Republican cabal is insane. The rest of the country gets that Obama is a christian, but many Republicans refuse to embrace reality and join the rest of us.
It is also not a coincidence that the majority of the residents of Republican crazy town support Trump. The mainstream media talking point to describe the rise Trump and Carson is that Republicans don’t want experienced politicians as candidates.
No. A sizable number of Republican voters are bat shit crazy. That’s the real explanation for what is going on. The Republican refusal to join reality in reflected in their polling. Trump and Carson represent the strain of insanity that has taken over the Republican cabal.
The media needs to stop treating Republicans like sane people, and instead accept that the lunatics are running the Republican asylum.

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