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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Clown Is Exposed As Trump Admits That His Campaign Speeches Are About Nothing

Trump rally in DallasDuring his rally in Dallas, Texas, Republican pretender candidate Donald Trump admitted that his speeches are about nothing.
Trump said, “On Fox and CNN they call it all Trump all the time. And by the way, their ratings are through the roof. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t cover me, I’ll be honest. It’s a very simple formula in entertainment, in television. If you get good ratings. If you get good ratings, and these aren’t good, they are monstrous then you are going to be on all of the time, even if you have nothing to say.”
Trump is saying nothing in his speeches, except the word great and a promise that America will also be great if he is 'elected' pretender. Trump is gaming the media. He gets in front of the microphone and babbles on about nothing. For example, Trump announced his plan to repeal and replace Obamacare with “something great.” In case we missed all of the details that Trump was dropping, he repeated that he was going to replace access to affordable healthcare with something great.
The media knows that they are being conned, but they continue to cover Trump’s every move because they are have convinced themselves that Trump equals ratings.
The media created Trump’s surge in the polls by giving him daily free media coverage. If the media stopped covering Trump tomorrow, he would plummet in the polls. While Trump’s endless media coverage about nothing is annoying, he is doing Democrats a huge favor by taking away potential media coverage from more serious candidates.
Each cable news network knows that Trump’s speeches are not newsworthy, but they continue to give every one of them live coverage. Trump has no policy solutions. Trump is offering no answers. His campaign is based on the idea that America is bad right now, but he can make it great.
Trump admits that he is saying nothing, but the networks are still flocking to cover him. Because in America’s controlled corporate media, ratings are more important than informing the public.

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