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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Walker Commits Political Suicide By Promising To Step Up His War On American Workers

With his poll numbers in free fall, Walker has decided to step up his war on American workers. …
scott walkerWisconsin's idiot Walker has dipped to 2 percent support in the latest Washington Post-ABC News national poll of the Republican cabal pretender race. With his poll numbers in free fall, Walker has decided to step up his war on American workers. Walker is hoping to use attacks on unions and working class Americans as a way to reinvigorate the Republican base. The idiot hopes his anti-worker message will restore his popularity with the wingnut voters who have abandoned him in droves since mid-summer.
The Wisconsin idiot has earned a reputation for being anti-worker, but because of his flagging poll numbers, Walker is trying to revive his campaign by reminding America just how anti-worker he can be. Running against American workers seems a dubious strategy at best. However, Walker’s success in stealing elections in Wisconsin despite supporting virulently anti-union policies, may have given him reason to believe that running against workers is a way to win elections.
Walker plans to unveil his “new, improved” anti-worker plan on Monday at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas. Walker’s plan calls for eliminating the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and for making it illegal for federal workers to form labor unions. In addition, he wants to pass a national so called “right to work” law, in an effort to weaken unions nationwide.
Furthermore, Walker’s proposal calls for repealing Barack Obama’s executive order requiring employers to pay overtime to some salaried workers. Walker also plans to reverse laws that require certain employers to provide paid sick leave for their employees.
Scott Walker does not seem to understand why he has dropped to just two percent support in the national polls. He has spent the past five years carrying water for the Koch brothers and other billionaires, and now with his poll numbers circling the drain, his solution is to double down by stepping up his attacks on American workers.
The Koch brothers and the plutocrats in the Republican cabal will love Walker’s new plan to escalate the war against the nation’s working class. However, wingnut voters in Nevada, New Hampshire and Iowa, might not be nearly as receptive. For the wingnut union truck driver, the wingnut middle manager at McDonald’s, and the evangelical cult secretary who needs time off to recover from an illness, Walker’s ideas are not going to be well received.
Not every Republican shares Walker’s contempt for working class Americans. By intensifying his war on paid sick leave, overtime pay and union organizing, Walker may impress a few Republican cabal donors with deep pockets. However, with rank and file voters, the Wisconsin idiot is essentially committing political suicide. A campaign that bets against the American worker is a campaign that is placing a losing bet. Scott Walker should cash in his chips, cut his losses, and follow Perry out the Republican cabal exit door, instead of continuing his mean-spirited crusade against America’s workers.

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