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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wingnut Voters Are Still Turned On By Trump’s Politics Of Insult And Division

A new CNN poll has Trump soaring to his highest numbers yet, as wingnut voters continue to embrace his politics of division and derision. …
GOP Voters Are Still Turned On By Trump’s Politics Of Insult And DivisionA CNN/ORC poll released on September 10th, shows Trump soaring to new heights in the Republican pretender race. The poll, conducted from September 4-8, found Trump gaining 8 percentage points since August. Trump now leads the Republican cabal field with 32 percent support, followed by Carson at 19 percent and Jeb at just 9 percent support.
Trump’s growing popularity was made possible by huge surges in support from college educated Republicans and from female Republican cabal voters. His campaign built on racist rhetoric and ridiculing others is now not only appealing to male voters and the uneducated, but it is increasingly capturing the hearts and minds of educated Republicans and female Republican cabal voters as well.
With Trump essentially winning across every significant Republican demographic, pundits are dumbfounded in trying to explain his popularity. None dare point out the obvious. Republican voters, by and large, support Trump’s loud mouthed bigotry and his unapologetic sexism. As unflattering as that conclusion may be, it is clearly demonstrated by Republican cabal voters continuing to flock to Trump as their first choice for pretender.
Trump’s latest controversial comments where he blatantly ridiculed Fiorina’s physical appearance are being rightfully criticized by journalists and fellow Republican cabal candidates alike. However, it is not likely to cost him votes. Since Trump’s insinuation that Megyn Kelly asked him tough questions because she was menstruating, helped him rise in the polls after the first Republican cabal 'debate', there is little reason to suspect he will suffer any fallout for him comments about Fiorina’s face. Mean-spirited Republican cabal voters after all, seem more interested in egging Trump on, than in penalizing him for his crude sexist remarks.
As long as Republican voters continue to reward Trump for being an obnoxious bully, he has no reason to stop hurling insults and zero incentive to dial down his inflammatory rhetoric. Journalists can criticize Trump all they want, but he is a symptom rather than the cause of the problem. He continues to perform well in the Republican polls, because Republican voters, male and female, educated and uneducated, seem to share his arrogant, simplistic and bigoted world view.

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