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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You Agree with Us … Or You Suck

You Agree with Us … Or You Suck
How did this happen?
We’ve all read the Constitution.
We’ve all studied its amendments.
We all understand the concept of democracy.
We all know how government is supposed to work.
We all understand free speech.
We know what compromise should look like.
Yet, here we are. If I criticize your favorite candidate, I become the enemy. If you criticize my favorite candidate, you’re the enemy. Doesn’t matter if we’re the same party.  Doesn’t matter that we’re all Americans. Doesn’t matter that we’re all human beings.
You are either like me or you’re not. When did our great national debate become a feud?
Our hatred for one another appears greater than our understanding. Is this really what we ALL want?

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