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Friday, October 9, 2015

A Snake Is Always A Snake

by John DeProspo
cobra-viper-snake-100217278The teabaggers emerged as a political farce after the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Rich donors, such as the Koch brothers, mainly funded the fake grassroots movement made up of Obama-haters and hard-core wingnuts dissatisfied with the Republican cabal establishment. In an effort to remain politically viable, the cabal of Lincoln welcomed the vipers into its fold.
The fabulist Aesop told the tale of the farmer who found a frozen snake in his field. Fearful it might die, the farmer opened his jacket and pressed the snake against his warm skin. Unfortunately, once the snake revived, it gave the kind farmer a fatal bite. “I saved you,” said the farmer. The snake hissed, “But you knew I was a snake when you embraced me.” This fable is an apt characterization of the relationship between the Republican cabal and its radical lunatic fringe teabagger wing.
The snake has now claimed its first victim, Boehner. Because the wingnut Republican was not wingnut enough for the lunatic fringe teabagger extremists in his caucus, he was forced to not only resign his leadership position but his seat in the People’s House.
Now, the fully revived and strengthened viper is set on it’s second “kind farmer,” McConnell. Unfortunately for the snake, McConnell still has strong support among his caucus members.
“As someone who’s in constant contact with our members, it’s clear McConnell has overwhelming support within the conference,” said the second-ranking Senate Republican, John Cornyn.
While McConnell may be safe from the snake’s bite for now, he will need to keep looking over his shoulder as he is certainly in the snake’s cross hairs.
All this, of course, is good news for the country. The radical lunatic fringe teagger Republicans may be 'winning' the war, but they will surely lose the battle as more and more 'mainstream' Republicans see them for what they are … anarchists bent on bringing down our government if their agenda is not completely followed. We are witnessing the death of the Republican cabal as it is currently constituted.
Politics is the art of compromise. It will always, by necessity, remain the art of compromise.

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