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Friday, October 9, 2015

Who Or What The Republican Cabal Candidates Totally Look Like

There are lots of serious, hard hitting and informative posts about the Republican cabal candidates and their 2016 election run available online, but this is not one of those posts.
This post isn't concerned with debates, social issues or each candidate's dirty laundry, because this post is all about who or what those Republican cabal candidates totally look like.
And the best part of this post is the fact that you can create your own Totally Looks Like meme here when you're done perusing the comparisons other people have already created! It's the fun way to cast your vote and show that you don't take politics too seriously.
Just so they don't come off as biased Cheezburger has also included images of what the Democratic candidates totally look like as well, because every political resemblance post should be fair and balanced.

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